The Source Workshop

An original concept

The Source Workshop is the first independent art editions publishing house in Romania, making remarkable contemporary art editions accessible to everyone. We are working with some of today’s most exciting leading and emerging artists from Romania.

Started as an initiative supported by Jecza Gallery, Triade Foundation and Epretext and founded by Andrei Jecza & Didier Senn, today, The Source Workshop is proud to be endorsed by the majority of Romanian art galleries, private institutions, museums and like-minded friends.

The first distributor to offer artworks made by The Source Workshop is Epretext Gallery. Browse through our current offer of art editions and stay tuned for new works to come –  we are currently working with more then 20 artists on new unique art editions.

Detail of Mircea Cantor's first lithography - Aquila Non Capit Muscas, stone lithography printed on Fabriano Rosaspina 220gr/m2, 70x50cm, edition 1/65+10AP, 2020
Mircea Cantor & master printmaker Cristian Opris

Our team

Each work is carefully manufactured by the artists in close collaboration with our team of master printmakers from Cluj-Napoca and Timișoara – Cristian Opris, Lacy Matyas, Grigore Liteanu. Using traditional printmaking techniques such as mezzotint, aquatint, drypoint, pochoir, woodcut, linocut, stone lithography and screen printing, each work is a unique piece of art, signed and numbered by the artist’s hand and will include an original certificate of authenticity.

Although printmaking involves reproducing an image, a print is more than just a copy of an original. Fine art prints are something else entirely, resulting from a close collaboration between the artist and the print studio. Master printmakers — the people who work with the artist to produce an edition — are highly skilled technicians, and are often artists in their own rights. Prints are not made in large production runs and as a result they are true works of art, as important to the artist as drawings or other works on paper.

Edition made with Constantin Flondor

What is an edition?

An ‘original’ print is technically a unique work given it is generally produced as a limited number of impressions (collectively known as an edition), and each print is given an edition number. A print edition is the total number of impressions from a given print.

The numbering of a print takes the form of a fraction. It shows the number of the print and the total number of prints in the edition. For example ’12/50′ means the print is number 12 within an edition of 50. Limited edition prints are usually numbered in pencil to reduce risk of fraud as computers can’t trace it.

The artist’s proof and printer’s proof is a print given as a gift to the artist for allowing the publisher to print their images (AP/HC) or to the printer (s) (PP) as a ‘thank you’ for their work. The number of PPs in an edition depends on how many people were involved in the production. The number of APs in an edition should not surpass more than 10-15%. APs and PPs are both numbered in the same way. For example 1/5 AP and 1/5 PP. Because of this particular restriction and rarity, these are usually priced higher than other prints.

Our mission

Our main endeavor and biggest ambition is to bring Romanian contemporary art to Romanian households, to make art accessible to a larger audience, one that values and feels inspired by fine, authentic works of art. We are looking to create a meaningful connection between art lovers, who may become the collectors of the future and the artists they love.

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Grigore Liteanu working on Kitra's screenprint.
sketch by Dan Beudean for his upcoming mezzotint at The Source Workshop

Meet our artists

For 2020, we are very proud to collaborate with 20 Romanian artists, including: Mircea Cantor, Marius Bercea, Ciprian Muresan, Serban Savu, Gili Mocanu, Lea Rasovsky, Genti Korini, Hortensia Mi Kafchin, Dan Beudean, Alex Mirutziu, Ioana Stanca, Livia Falcaru alongside a selection of Street Artists such as Mircea Popescu, Saddo, Pren, Lost Optics, Pandele and more to be announced. 

The Source Workshop is open to regular new proposals and will maintain a scrupulous editorial line that will enable it to constantly increase the value of all original editions issued towards its friends and customers. 


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