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Traian Cherecheș

See him on Facebook Link Soundcloud Vimeo Jecza Gallery Jaja Gallery Traian Cherecheș (b. 1989, Bucharest, Romania) is a visual artist living and working between Bucharest and Paris. By examining the limits between natural exploration and extraction, his investigation into the current age of extinction surfaces out powerful, symbolic approaches to the body, volcano, and […]

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Flaviu Cacoveanu

See him on Facebook Instagram Link Jecza Gallery Jaja Gallery He presents himself as a “Con&Temporary” artist. “Con” refers to the conceptual side of his practice but also to questioning the role of the artist in current times, while “temporary” refers to his interest for ephemeral and fragile situations, as well as to the idea […]

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Adela Giurgiu

See her on Instagram Adela Giurgiu (b. 1990, Cluj-Napoca) graduated from the Cluj-Napoca University of Art and Design and is currently a PhD student at the same university. Adela Giurgiu‘s practice could be described as a relentless exploration, transformed into meditation, of both the interior universe and the material environment. Color always shapes up the […]

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Serban Savu

See him on Jecza Gallery  Jaja Gallery Facebook In his realist, melancholic paintings, Cluj School artist Serban Savu—who grew up during the overturn of Communism—depicts a newly democratic society among the drab modernist housing and abandoned factories of Romania’s cities and countryside. Using a subdued palette and impressionistic figures, he presents nature as dominated by […]

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Sebastian Pren

See him on Facebook Instagram Jecza Gallery  Jaja Gallery Sebastian Pren is a graphic designer and illustrator currently based in Bucharest, Romania. In the past he collaborated with big brands such as Google, Levi’s, United Colors of Benetton, and recently &Walsh. He was part of various international group shows (Milano, Paris, Lille, Breda, etc) and […]

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Sasa Lazar

See him on Instagram Link Jecza Gallery  Jaja Gallery It seems apt to call Sasa Lazar’s body of work personal, because that’s exactly how these images feel: they somehow have the aura of works created in stolen moments during the daily grind, carefully etched-out during after-hours at the office. Darkly comic and suffused with a […]

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See him on Facebook Instagram Link Jecza Gallery  Jaja Gallery Romanian born contemporary artist, currently based in Bucharest, Saddo has a versatile approach on style, techniques and subjects. He juggles between paintings on canvas for galleries, large scale murals and commission illustrations for different projects and brands. He’s been part of numerous group shows all […]

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Mircea Cantor

See him on Facebook Instagram Jecza Gallery  Jaja Gallery Mircea Cantor is an artist who knows how to listen carefully to bird songs and ancient stories that speak of the past and present at the same time. He feels a strong connection to the world around us and a deep link with nature. He explores […]

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Mircea Popescu

See him on Facebook Instagram Jecza Gallery  Jaja Gallery Born in 1984, Craiova, Romania, Mircea Popescu defines his works as being a sort of pop-constructivism, combining the visual language of constructivism with the funny, ironic and colourful world of Pop Culture. He is passionate about language, words, word riddles, calligraphy and typography, his works tell […]

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Michele Bressan

See him on Instagram Link Jecza Gallery  Jaja Gallery Michele Bressan (b.1980) is a visual artist working with photography and film, based in Bucharest since 1993. His work focuses on documenting aspects of the Romanian post-communist reality, using the photographic medium as a means of artistic research. By the practice of portraying his surroundings through […]

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